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High-Tech Farming Need for Future Growth
This report will provide information about KAGLAB.COM Projects International and their 30 years of agricultural activities in the US and other part of world.

KAGLAB.COM Labs and, Dr. Akhtar Khwaja, for some time have been developing commercial projects for field crops, especially Soybean, Vegetables, Trees, Black Walnut, Paulownia, Ginseng, Cranberry, Blueberry Green house plants and Christmas trees and 300 hundred herbal plants in all kind of growing media including different soil types.

Projects Potential for Future Development
  • Soybean Project for Edible Oil. ,
  • Paulonia Tree Plantation for Packing Materials
  • Blackwalnut Tree Plantaion for Vaneer
  • Liquid Fertilizer Plant for Nutritional Need of the Crops
  • Drip Irrigation Project.for Water Contrl
  • Distilation Plant for Rose Extract for Rose Comsumption,
  • Soybean Oil Extraction Plant.
  • Land Development Project.for High Value Plants, Herbs.
  • Stevia and 300 Time More Sweter Than Sugar, Product Sale for Diabiatic Patiance.
  • Blue Berry Production in Norther Proviences for Cash Crop
  • Seed Production and Post Harvest Physiology for Handling Fruits and Vegetables for Growers.


Image 25

Tree plantation is important area where the KAGLAB.COM is focusing presently

Image 26

Shade is used to protect the plant and soils from heat damage. The projects are initiated in Middle Eastern countries to protect the soil microbe during summer months. Soil life is protected from direct heat in summer months.

Image 27

Use of heavy machinery in the development of cranberry project or any Ag project is important and needed. Dr. Akhtar Khwaja PhD is providing consulting services to world largest Cranberry project in northern Canada since 1986 to 2011.

Image 28

Use of equipments is key factor of developing profitable farming in third world.

Image 29

Dr. Akhtar presents ideas and program to Middle Eastern clients in Abu Dhabi. 2009.

Image 30

KAGLAB.COM Scientist is working on Stevea sweetener, a plant is 300 times sweeter than sugar. And grown in hot climate of Sindh and Punjab and in green house.

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